Daniela Borissova1(B) , Magdalena Garvanova2 , Zornitsa Dimitrova1 ,Andrea Pandulis2 , and Ivan Garvanov2

1 Institute of Information and Communication Technologies at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, 1113 Sofia, Bulgaria
[email protected], [email protected]

2 University of Library Studies and Information Technologies, 1784 Sofia, Bulgaria {m.garvanova,a.pandulis,i.garvanov}@unibit.bg

Abstract: The digital transformation requires not only involving contemporary information technologies but also a business model that is capable to cope with specific challenges. These models should be integrated properly in a decision support system closely related to the business activities of the company. The current article describes a framework of a decision-support system for composing different questionnaires for specific surveys taking into account several predefined target groups. A proper business model able to determine the most suitable questions for
generating different target groups’ questionnaires is formulated. This is realized by involving an expert that acts as a decision-maker to evaluate a predefined set of questions covering different sociological aspects toward predefined target groups. The distinguishing feature of this model is the ability to select a different number of questions for the questionnaires. Along with the formulated mathematical model, a software architecture framework for the implementation of this model is proposed. The numerical testing is done in case of the determination of four different questionnaires composed of an equal number of questions. Obtained results show the applicability of the formulated business model and the functionality of the proposed software framework.

Keywords: Information systems, Decision-making, Software framework,
Questionnaires composing

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